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Amrit & Manny

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Let me introduce you to Amrit and Manny. They allowed me and my team at studio 101 to capture their most sacred day on May, 3, 2014 in Richmond, at the Nanak Niwas. Never before meeting us until the day of the wedding, they put emence faith in the quality of our work here at studio 101 and we did our very best to repay that faith.

After the ceremonies of the wedding, the bride and grooms procession of loved ones accompanied us in the Minoru park in Richmond for this cinematographic gift! A picturesque cherry blossom tree became an unexpected star of this video, raining down petals while our cameras soaked up every second of the spectacle. 
For the work on their video we used a team of 3 cinematographers utilizing the Canon DSLR, Canon C100 with glidecam sliders and tripods. Courtesy also to the hair and makeup team at Drama Queen studios and the still photography done by Deo Studios


Gary & Prab

Watch their Video here

Fall is arguably the most beautiful time of any year to have a wedding simply because of the myriad of colors that nature puts on display for us. The perfect backdrop that Gary and Prab chose to seal their vows to eachother, and their families.
The wedding took place on October, 9, 2015 at Brookside Gurudwara,Surrey for the ceremonies, but after the wedding party met in the park to take full advantage of the fall colors, and release some of the excitement and infectious laughter that the bridesmaids and groomsmen had to share with our cameras.
There was no end to the excitement it seemed and so Surrey City Hall provided the scene for the rest of the glamour shots, giving the team here at Studio 101 more opportunities to frame these memories for them. 
We were a team of 3 cinematographers utilizing the Canon DSLR, Canon C100 with glidecam sliders and tripods. Credits go out to the Pink Orchid Hair Studio for hair and makeup, and to Deo Studios for the still photography.

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